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Forex Factory’s Forex Calendar offers a variety of filter categories that allow you to really see only the market events that are important for your investments. Since 2005, this calendar has been setting standards for economic calendars worldwide and this is precise because of the filtering options. So a little familiarization with the calendar data is necessary.

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For example, a major crisis could trigger a central bank governor to make a statement. Or snap elections which plays a major role in the currency markets also qualifies Forex as an unscheduled economic event. Finally, the red folder icon are high impact news releases. These news releases tend to have the ability to move the markets strongly.

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When an economy is doing good and is steadily expanding with inflation staying stable, the central bank can afford to hike interest rates. When interest rates are higher, relative to another economy and thereby its currency, investors flock to the currency which offers higher interest rates. The economic event could be a news report such as measuring inflation or unemployment rate. This is nothing but fundamental economic data that is released by almost every country. The economic report basically states the health of the economy. An economic event in the context of the currency markets is a scheduled news release that will have an impact of the currency. You can find out which brokers are particularly suitable for Forex trading using the Broker Comparison tool from Forex Factory.

  • A dense cluster of strong resistance levels around $1,843 will be the level to beat for XAU bulls.
  • When the central bank chiefs of the US, the euro zone and the UK exchange views in public on Wednesday, the admonishments of politicians may still be ringing in their ears.
  • By Zhang Mengying – The dollar was down on Thursday morning in Asia amid rising concerns of slowing economic growth after the U.S.
  • Social trading is on the rise and Forex Factory knows that too.
  • The Australian Dollar has been trading as a barometer of the markets’ recession fears.
  • Scheduled economic events are those which follow a preset calendar schedule.

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How To Use The Forex Factory Calendar?

Likewise, a monthly unemployment report is released during the first Friday of the month for the previous month. When there is a surprise in the market, or in other words when prices does not discount the news, that is where you get the strong market movements. Therefore, as a trader it is always in your best interests to keep an eye on the economic events that are scheduled.

Of course, the personalization of the economic calendar can be made when you register for a free account. By the end of this article you should be able to build your own economic calendar in terms of personalization and be able to better read news releases. A forex economic calendar will show this in what is called the market expectations. This happens because the markets are looking forward to the economic release and have a preset expectation in mind. These expectations are not random but simply reflect the trader’s positions and outlook.

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