The Stock Market Is Down, But

Jun 16, 2022 The movie theater chain had a couple of up days based on box office returns. Why Crypto Jumped and Coinbase Crashed Today Travis Hoium

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Jun 16, 2022 Shareholders aren’t taking the news of the Federal Reserve’s big rate hike very well.

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Rada Electronic Industries plummeted 13% in heavy volume after the maker of military systems and sensors posted a first-quarter loss. Israel-based Rada said a delay in the U.S. budget hurt its financial results. The stock, which broke below the 50-day moving average Monday, gapped down today. The yield on the 10-year Treasury note fell 12 basis points to 2.95%, dropping below 3% for the first time since Thursday. Thousands of investors, investment advisors, and money managers have witnessed the unrivaled performance of The Arora Report over both bull and bear markets. The secret is unique ZYX Change Method and ZYX Global Allocation Model.

  • Small caps took a bigger hit as the Russell 2000 came down 1.1%.
  • The exercise bike company missed expectations for its March-ended quarter and its current-quarter guidance also was below estimates.
  • APA stock dived 14.9% to 37.53, skidding below its 50-day line as well.
  • What’s more, customers spending at least $500,000 grew 68% and those spending $1 million or more grew 72%.
  • Planet Fitness shares are still trading near nine-month lows.

While it’s easy to think everyone is suddenly on a train to nowhere, recent earnings reports from several software companies are proof that we still have tech shops growing at a high rate. Some were above 50%, and 60% growth was not unheard of. But we’re here to lift your spirits a little, at least to tell you that it’s not all bad news. There are companies that are still doing quite LKNCY well, and we wanted to spotlight four that had strong earnings reports this week. Why Shares of Mastercard, Paypal, and StoneCo Are Falling Today Bram Berkowitz

To Avert Crisis, Emergency Ecb Meeting Ahead Of Fed; Consumer Slows

Why General Motors Stock Hit the Brakes Today Chris Neiger

Oil and gas stocks have been stock market winners in the past several months. But they and the broad energy sector sold off hard Monday as crude oil prices tumbled 6.1% to $103.09 a barrel, and as Wall Street sold off hard. Department of Labor reported that producer price inflation hit a historic high in November, up 9.6% from a year ago. This news came on top of a reported Forex 6.8% jump in consumer prices that came out yesterday — the fastest rate of price growth in 40 years. In the current stock market correction, it wouldn’t be a normal day without a catastrophic stock sell-off. On Tuesday, Upstart took the title, with a 60% hammering in huge volume. The cloud-based consumer lending platform cut its full-year revenue forecast.

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