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Flexport is the US customs brokerage representative of a towel and tissue manufacturer. They help the client with customs clearance, uss express reviews importer security filing, and other forwarding services. Clarkston Consulting provided consulting services to a food distributor.

US logistics companies

Companies should work with their 3PL partners to keep track of which carriers will be used for their shipments and ensure that their quality and security requirements are cascaded down to subcontractors in contractual language with the 3PL. The situation has been more than just a PR and logistics nightmare for company executives. KFC’s parent company, Yum Brands, reported on May 2 that the supply chain problems would negatively affect earnings. The breakdown of Kentucky Fried Chicken’s supply chain in the United Kingdom in February 2018 provides a cautionary tale about hidden vulnerabilities in supply chains that all organizations should note. According to David Gonzalez, a Gartner analyst, the investment in functional technology has always been important for both shippers and their 3PLs, but “value-added” technology is becoming increasingly vital. For example, shippers should expect daily forecasts with 99% reliability with shipments of perishables.

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The supply chain integration ofwarehousing operationsand transportation services has become what we now call third-party logistics. FedEx set out to become a full-service freight provider and a major logistics competitor.

US logistics companies

The key breakdown in the KFC supply chain centered around the food chain’s recent switch from a specialty food distributor to a mega-freight forwarder, which, like many third-party logistics companies, owns very few physical assets. These 3PL companies rely on a complex patchwork of individual trucking companies and other carriers to deliver their service. A tech-enabled 3PL is a technology company that has developed streamlined, integrated shipping and fulfillment solutions for ecommerce businesses.

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A 3PL warehouse can save you from a garage or living room filled to the brim with product — and arguments with significant others or roommates. While there’s no magic number, if your order volume has increased and you can’t keep up, it’s time to outsource to shippers. It’s at the point when you’re asking friends and family members to help you pack boxes or you’re staying up into the late hours of the night just to meet demand.

  • As experienced shippers, the 3PL will choose the best packing materials to both protect your products and achieve the lowest practical dimensional weight.
  • As mentioned above, the number and location of 3PL warehouses can help inform your shipping strategy, including distributed inventory and two-day shipping.
  • FedEx is the world’s largest cargo carrier in terms of scheduled freight tonne kilometers and the fourth largest in terms of fleet size.
  • Also, seeking for new technologies in order to make processes easier and faster.
  • 3PL providers allow ecommerce merchants to accomplish more, with the tools and infrastructure to automateretail order fulfillment.

The e-commerce revolution has hardly escaped the attention of leading private equity firms as well. He adds that it has left him a bit “chagrined” because he had been among the chief skeptics about the company’s aggressive strategy in the past. As the e-commerce juggernaut creates more complexity for today’s logistics managers, finding the right mix of 3PLs with the essential integrated services has never been more important. Experts agree that this is a shared journey with new rules of engagement. Now you know what to look for in a 3PL shipping solution, but always remember to choose a solution that fits in with your business. Extra hassle and clunky software doesn’t help you get orders out sooner. This modern approach to fulfillment can help your business make more informed decisions aboutsupply and demandand give your customers a better overall experience.

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